Nittoh Kogaku Profile


Nittoh Kogaku K.K. is located in the Suwa region of Japan, originally a major center of filature or silk spinning, and now well known for the development of Japan’s finest precision machinery and electronic components. The company was originally established in 1876 under the name of Toeisha, and specialized in filature to support Japan’s large silk industry.   In 1943, the company restructured in order to respond to the ever-growing need for new technology and precision machinery.  As a result, Nittoh Kogaku was established and began the production of optical equipment.  By 1950, Nittoh Kogaku had its own brand of optical lenses known as Kominar lenses. 

Today, Nittoh Kogaku has a broad company presence with over 2,000 employees throughout   Japan and Indonesia.  Its product and service offerings have grown to include development and manufacture of optical products for use in a range of applications, from consumer level digital cameras to high-performance cinematic projectors and inspection devices used to detect small scratches in precision equipment.  Nittoh handles mass production, small batch or prototype quantities of a variety of optical elements, including planos, spheres, aspheres, prisms and cylindrical lenses.  Sizes range from 1mm to 600mm in diameter for spherical optics, up to 300mm for prisms and 400mm for cylindrical lenses.  Nittoh also manufactures large-diameter, square and irregularly shaped elements. 

Since its installation in 2008, MRF® has become an indispensible tool in Nittoh’s precision polishing processes. With an eye on expanding their business and capabilities, Nittoh started investing in QED Technologies systems with the purchase of a Q22-400X for ultra-precision polishing of large diameter lenses (up to 400mm).  With the Q22-400X, Nittoh can achieve surface accuracy of γ/40.  In 2011, they purchased the latest MRF system from QED, Q-flex™, and an SSI-A® (Subaperture Stitching Interferometer for Aspheres).  Now, with its wide range of precision polishing and full aperture metrology capabilities, Nittoh  targets new markets, attracts and satisfies new customers. With MRF, yields are higher, accuracy is better and consistent, there is no rework and lead times are shorter.  As a result, revenue has increased. 

Nittoh continues to pave their way to expansion and success, by adopting innovative technologies and developing new and creative manufacturing processes.  With MRF and SSI technologies, they have the confidence that they can satisfy their customers and increase revenue.  Read more about Nittoh Kogaku. >