How To Use This Page

The “Find an Elite100 Manufacturer” page allows you to search a number of different types of criteria to find Elite100 optics manufacturers that meet your needs.

The types of searches that are available include:

  • Alphabetical – simply click on a letter from the alphabet and companies whose names begin with the letter will appear in your search results
  • Search by Name – type in the name of the company you are looking for
  • Search by Keyword – type in 1 or more keyword to search for a company using words that may be included in their company description
  • Checkbox Option – Perform a search using the search terms associated with the following categories: By Type of Optic, By Type of Services, By Material

Select the type of optic, service, and/or material you want to search for. Selecting more checkboxes will narrow the search, selecting less checkboxes will broaden the search. You may select any combination of search terms that will help you to refine your search. Once you click the “Search” button, the results from your search will appear.